One of the most terrifying experiences that any automobile or motorcycle driver can experience is an accident with a semi truck. A significant number of these auto accidents result in the driver of the auto being severely injured or killed. Unfortunately, these types of collisions are all too common on our roads and interstates today.

An injury case involving an accident with a semi-truck will present some unique issues. First, semi-truck operators must follow numerous federal and state regulations.  For example, how much weight a rig can haul, how long a driver can go without rest, and quality control in manufacturing and repair are just a small fraction of the kinds of conduct regulated in the trucking business. Secondly, commercial vehicles are required to carry insurance with higher limits than non-commercial drivers. For that reasons, a person injured by a semi-truck driver often has a better chance of reaching a settlement amount that properly compensates the person, versus the often lower insurance coverage available in a “standard” car accident. Lastly, parties other than the semi-truck driver, such has the company that hired the driver, may also have a financial responsibility to compensate the injured person.

With these large insurance coverage policies at stake, the trucking company's insurance carrier will quickly try to limit the recovery of the injured person. Accordingly, these companies have established procedures for handling commercial trucking claims, especially in the early stages of the claim. Many times, an insurance company will try to quickly settle a case for an amount far less than what the plaintiff actually deserves. This is a trap, which an injured person needs to avoid. When a person is injured in a trucking accident, it often takes months to completely assess all of the person’s injuries. At that point, the person may need surgery or other extensive future treatment. Still these injuries may leave the person permanently impaired, even after corrective surgery. Therefore, the true value of a claim can only be assessed after a firm prognosis has been established by medical providers.

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