We promise to take care of injured bikers and their families.

Founding Partners Wade Walton and Danielle Curtis

Founding Partners Wade Walton and Danielle Curtis

Have you or a loved one been the victim of a motorcycle accident?  If so, call Curtis Walton at 720-339-5952 to speak directly with Founding Partner Wade Walton. We make it easy to speak with an attorney right away about your case and about receiving the compensation you deserve.

We know that finding and choosing an accident attorney can be tough. However, it is important to remember that it is an insurance company's job to pay you as little as possible. They will bring a team of lawyers against you, and it is crucial to have attorneys of your own to fight for you. 

Unlike our competitors, Curtis Walton Law is a law firm run by bikers for bikers. From dirt bikes to street bikes, every attorney in our firm rides. We are actively involved in the Colorado  biker community; and you can find our attorneys at just about every Colorado biker rally, ride, or event

Curtis Walton Law is not afraid to take your case to trial. Once there, we will help a jury see to see your motorcycle accident how it actually happened – not how the insurance company wants them to see it.

After Your Accident

  1. Call the police.

  2. If you're able, check on the well-being of your passengers

  3. If you are hurt seek medical attention right away.

  4. Take lots of pictures and videos of the scene of the accident, the damage to your vehicle, and of your and your passenger’s injuries.

  5. If the insurance company calls their own investigator to the scene or calls your after the accident, do not talk to them. Tell them that you’re retaining Curtis Walton Law and that your attorney will be in touch shortly.

  6. Call us at 720-339-5952.
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If You Think You May Be Hurt

Seek medical attention immediately. You likely won’t notice all of your injuries at the time of accident. Don’t tough it out. Even if you don’t think you are seriously injured, slight aches and pains can turn into serious medical problems in the future. Nothing is more important than your life and your health – so if you feel like you need one, go see a doctor. Don’t forget, your medical treatment is an important part of your case, and accident-related doctor visits are often paid for by your health insurance and the at-fault person’s insurance.

Why Should I Hire a Lawyer?

There is nothing stopping you from filing a personal injury claim against an insurance company by yourself. In fact, insurance companies want you do this. Without the pressure of a skilled and knowledgeable attorney, an insurance company will do everything they can to delay and minimize the value of your case. They do this to wear you down and pressure you into taking a fraction of your case’s value. 

Remember, insurance companies can afford to hire an army of lawyers who will do all they can to make sure that you are paid the smallest amount possible. This is why you need a skilled attorney to fight for you and your interests. 

Hiring an attorney is especially important when you are facing:

  • Serious injuries

  • Large medical bills

  • Loss of wages

Insurance adjusters are experts at reducing your case’s value or denying it altogether. You need us because we know the law, we know the rules, and we know insurance companies. Don’t do it alone.

What Traits Should a Good Motorcycle Lawyer Have?

  • Experience with motorcycles

  • Work experience in your state

  • Knowledge of the laws in your state

  • knowledge about the local courts rules

All of the traits above can be found in every Curtis Walton lawyer. Unlike most other accident lawyers, our lawyers know motorcycles.

What are Damages, and Which Damages Can I Recover?

Damages are money given to someone who has been injured. Money damages fall into two categories, compensatory and punitive damages.

Compensatory Damages

Compensatory damages are exactly what they sound like. They are compensation for losses suffered by an injured person. 

Some of the most common forms of compensatory damages are: 

  • Property damage (e.g. damage to your bike, gear, cell phone, etc.)

  • The costs of past and future medical care

  • Lost wages (i.e. the money you lost because your injuries prevented you from working)

  • Loss of earning potential (i.e. the money you will lose in the future because of your injuries)

  • Loss of enjoyment of life

  • Pain and suffering

  • Emotional distress

  • Loss of consortium (i.e. money given to compensate for damages suffered by a spouse or family members of an injured person e.g. a spouse being unable to cook, clean, or be a companion as a result of their injuries)

Determining dollar values for some of the above damages such as pain and suffering and loss consortium is an extremely difficult thing to do. Getting insurance companies to pay you these damages is even harder. When you’re dealing with insurance companies, determining dollar values for something as straightforward as medical bills is a struggle. For example, if you incurred $50,000 in medical bills because of an accident, you should receive $50,000 for these bills. While this may seem obvious, insurance companies stay in business by arguing that you are owed less -- much less. 

Insurance companies are experts at coming up with excuses to not pay you.  Maybe the insurance company refuses to pay you by saying you previously injured the same body parts you hurt in your accident. This is a common ploy, even if your prior injury was 10 years ago! Maybe an insurance adjuster tricked you into saying something harmful to your case in an interview.  Maybe the insurance company argues that your doctor charged too much for your treatment so they won’t pay the entire bill. These roadblocks and more are why you need an experienced Curtis Walton lawyer making sure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

Punitive Damages

These are damages that serve as a punishment for an at-fault party. Particularly in cases of outrageous negligence or illegal behavior, such as being injured by an intoxicated driver. 

Unlike compensatory damages, punitive damages can only be awarded by a jury. If you decide to handle your injury claim without a lawyer, you would likely never know about, let alone receive punitive damages.

How Can I Collect Damages? 

Getting money from an insurance company is like getting water from a stone. We at Curtis Walton Law know that having an injury claim is one of the most difficult experiences in a person’s life. This is why we employ a team of experienced and friendly lawyers who are willing to fight the insurance companies so you can focus on your family and your health.

Call Curtis Walton Law at 720-339-5952 to speak with a lawyer for a free consultation now!